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Dynamic Support's supported living services provide care and support for people

to live in their own home and take control of the way they live. It is an alternative

to living in a shared residential care home or at home with their family and is

often the most appropriate support for people wanting to live a more independent



We have a wealth of experience in delivering support and personalised care to

people with Learning Disabilities, Mental Health Needs, Autism and Behaviour

described as challenging.


We are able to offer a wide range of services to people living in their own homes

within the community. We currently support and care for a number of people

living independently in local areas of Swindon, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire,

Cheltenham and Stroud.


All our services have one shared aim: to deliver innovative, flexible and tailored support and care, which enables independence and gives the people we support care for the opportunity to achieve their personal goals and aspirations.


Our Care and Support Mission


Our mission is simple – a happy life by focusing on improving and developing:


•  The quality of support and care we provide,

•  Our staff, through training and mentoring,

•  Our evidenced based practice and commitment to continuous improvement,

•  Meaningful partnerships with the people we support and care, commissioners and stakeholders.


Flexible care and support


The level of care and  support varies widely, determined entirely by your individual needs. It can range from round-the-clock support and care if you have particularly complex needs, to just a few hours a week if you need only mild support and are very independent. Therefore a person's personal preferences and support needs are incorporated into their individual support and care package to ensure continuity of support.


Once an individual has completed an initial assessment which enables us to learn about past experiences, family, friends, previous careers, hobbies, interests, memories and wishes for the future.  This information is then used to help us plan, in partnership with the individual, how they wish to be supported and spend their time.


To ensure we are reflecting your widely varying needs, we offer a highly flexible set of support and care packages designed to accommodate individual budgets. Whatever the environment, or however it is funded, the support and care we provide is consistent, values-driven and person centred. Importantly, it is you – the person we support, who is able to choose how, when and where you are supported and cared for. You are encouraged to become as independent as possible, to take an active role to achieve your own special dreams and goals.


What  care and support can people get?


•  Care and support at home and in the community.

•  Personal care and independence.

•  Assistance with medication and support with managing health.

•  Support with daily living, such as washing and cleaning.

•  Support with shopping and budgeting.

•  Support with creating individual person centered plans.

•  Staff hours dependent on need.

•  Sleep in/wake in staff.


Who can benefit?


Dynamic Support supports people with a wide range of needs to become part of the community they live in. People could be living in their own homes, or with supported living, residential or nursing care, and could have:


•  A learning disability

•  A mental health need

•  Autism or challenging behaviour

•  Sensory deprivation

•  Epilepsy


Funding sources range from Primary Care Trusts and local authorities, to individual budgets, direct payments and those who pay for their own services.


We are accredited and regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Click here to view recent report.


Choosing the right support and care can be a life-changing decision and we want to give you all the assistance we can. So if you can't find what you're looking for here on our website, please feel free to contact us on 01793 238 224 / 01452 341 509 with any questions you might have.



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14 Aug 2019


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